Self-Defense, Martial Arts, Personal Growth

Shaolin Kung-Fu At Thunderbolt Martial Arts, Metro Detroit, MI:

Yue Chia Chuan Fa (Chinese) / Ken Do Gaku (Japanese):

Comprehensive Fitness:
Cardiovascular • Muscular Strength • Flexibility

All Ranges of Practice:
Blocking • Striking & Kicking • Joint-Locks • Chokes • Throws • Ground-Fighting • Weapons • Meditation

Lowest to highest levels of self-defense • Emphasis on using the attacker's energy against them; ideal for men and women, regardless of size or strength • Safe, motivating, non-competitive atmosphere • Personal growth and spiritual development.


  • Yue Chia Fighting Forms (Hsing Yi, Er, San, Si, Wu)
  • Ancient Temple Forms: Sanzan, Seisan, Sanseiryu
  • Staff (ShuishiNoKoan)
  • Katana (UeshibaNoKatana)
  • Wu Hsing Chuan (Five Animal Fist Form)
  • Renshukenichiryo (Practice Form), Jakenichiryo (Snake Fist Form)
  • Ancient breathing/chi-kung/pranayama techniques
  • Youth Training:

    Strong mind and body, higher grades in school, better relationships at home. Top-quality, age-appropriate curriculum. An excellent activity for Home-school groups. Expertise in helping special needs children.

    T.M.A. Youth Creed:
    "I am a warrior on the infinite path of discipline and self-control, confidence and concentration, patience and respect. I will live these ideals to master my body, my mind, my breath, my life!"

    All students work with Head Instructor Sifu Christopher Scafone.

    Currently available for private instruction.

    Thunderbolt Martial Arts
    Metro Detroit, MI
    (248) 632-4235

    A private learning institution, serving students since 2002.

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