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Self-Defense Seminars: Learn to Protect Yourself

Among the most respected self-defense seminars in the Metro Detroit area. Learn simple, effective methods of self-protection with minimal investment of time and money. We have worked with thousands of individuals from all walks of life. No previous training is required.

Sensitivity: Knowing your surroundings and what is going on around you.

Action: Defusing a dangerous or potential attack situation before it escalates.

Fighting: Easy to learn, effective self-defense techniques that can save your life.

Education: Information on violent crime and maximizing your safety and security.

For Men • Women • Children • Families • Churches • Organizations • Individuals • Groups of Any Size

Positive, wholesome, professional atmosphere, material tailored to the needs/ages of the group. Many opt for a series of private self-defense lessons to deepen their skill set and understanding of the material. You will wholeheartedly recommend us to others, and you may attend those referral seminars FREE of charge.

Do you or a loved one walk with a cane? We also offer a Cane Self-Defense Seminar.

All students work with Head Instructor Sifu Christopher Scafone.

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A private learning institution, serving students since 2002.

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